All fine architectural values are human values, else not valuable...

Alexis and Maria Reizi established the company called REIZI OE in 2002. It is housed in a space specially created for a technical office in S. Oikonomou 17 in Alexandroupolis. The company aims to provide architecture with the basic parameters of aesthetics, creating better living conditions, to respond to functional needs of the user and save energy through bio-climatic design in buildings of houses, especially in buildings and business premises. The company deals with the following:

  • Studies in housing construction, hotel units, special buildings
  • Building permits
  • Design and construction of bioclimatic / green buildings according to the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations(K.E.N.A.K.) and European standards
  • Renovation of old buildings to upgrade energy and make energy savings
  • Decoration/renovation of shops, commercial premises and homes
  • Renovation apartments / residential buildings
  • Restoration of buildings
  • Design of furniture and specific structures
  • Energy audits -Publishing energy performance certificates for transfers and rental property-inclusion in subsidized energy saving programs Home Savings)
  • Check with Thermal and other special instruments measuring conditions and components of residential-commercial premises and public buildings
  • Prevention and treatment of moisture problems – mold
  • Insulating proficiency check and proposals to improve the thermal insulation of the building-locating thermal bridges-checking and suggestions for improvement of thermal comfort conditions
  • Photovoltaic parks performance test
  • Checking efficiency heating and air conditioning systems
  • Landscaping

Alexis Reizi

Architect – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

MSC in built environment: Environmental Design And Engineering, UCL

Maria Reizi

Architect – Aristotle University of Thessaloniki